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Wedding ceremonies

Wedding photosession

Present yourself and your loved ones unforgettable impressions of the wedding photo session with pho-tographers of the wedding agency «Globus», because that could be better to leave your vacation with a lot of beautiful and unusual photos. Our photographers will show you the most picturesque and interesting places of Thailand, and stylists and make-up masters will betray the chic images of the bride and groom. We know where are the most beautiful places in Thailand!

Buddhist wedding

The blessing of Thai Buddhist monks is a mystery that brings good luck and harmony into attitudes of loving people. This ceremony is available to people of any religion and nationality. Like any Eastern symbolic ceremony, this one is very beautiful and consists of many unusual rituals. The most important thing is not what the ceremony will be, but it’s for your souls to merge together and your hearts feel each other!

Ceremony on the Island

The wedding ceremony on an island is a charming fairy-tale that will forever remain in your memories! Our comfortable yacht will drive you to the most beautiful and uninhabited island of Thailand. Our managers will organize a wedding ceremony on a wild beach with European arch of fresh flowers, a path of rose petals, live musicians and a romantic dinner on the beach with candles at the very shore of the sea!

Wedding on a yacht

The wedding celebration on the yacht is one of the most romantic formats that we offer for wedding ceremonies. The wedding celebration on the yacht in Thailand can combine a walk with a wedding ceremony on one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. This format of the event is the best way for people who wants to spend time in the sea, and at the same time who strives for active rest and exciting adventures. The wedding ceremony on the yacht gives the opportunity to create a unique route and visit places where it is impossible to reach by any other types of transport.

Wedding at the villa

If you are planning to celebrate your wedding with chic in European style, with relatives and friends in Thailand, so a wedding in the villa in Thailand is what you need. The wedding in the villa in Thailand is an opportunity to hold a ceremony away from prying eyes in a beautiful area with its own swimming pool, comfortable rooms, a territory for the wedding ceremony, the company of only people you need. The wedding agency «Globus» offers for its clients a huge selection of villas and private houses from economy to VIP level for conducting wedding ceremonies in Thailand.

Wedding under water

Wedding under water is the most unusual ceremony that you can only im-agine! Not only guests could see your wedding ceremony but even all the sea inhabitants! Coral reefs, clear sea water, floating fish and you in wed-ding dresses at a depth of 10 meters... It will be the most unique and mem-orable day in your life! Not only professional divers can arrange such a wedding ceremony, but beginners can do, too. Before the ceremony you will receive detailed instruction and a trial dive under the water with an instructor.



Ceremony on the Island