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Wedding on Ko Lan

Wedding agency «Globus» offers the organization of a wedding ceremony on the most popular island near Pattaya - Ko Lan.

Ko Lan is the largest and most popular island from the closest to Pattaya. Getting to Ko Lan inde-pendently is not difficult. A lot of high-speed boats and ferries leave from the central pier (for a very modest fee). The island is only 20-25 minutes away by speed boat from the coast.

The whole day you can devote rest, sunbathing on snow-white sand and bathing in the emerald sea. Water off the coast of the island is much cleaner than in Pattaya, so many tourists prefer to go swim-ming in Ko Lan.

On the island there is a wide variety of water activities for every taste. You can parachute for a boat, ride a jet ski or a banana, shoot a dash, rent a fins and a mask and watch the underwater world. And lovers of diving, can rent a scuba diving and enjoy the depth of the colorful coral that surround the is-land. On Ko Lana there are about a dozen different beaches with restaurants, various entertainments and mini-hotels, where you can stay for a few days.

Perhaps, the island of Ko Lan is the most successful place for the wedding ceremony in Pattaya.

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