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Wedding on Koh Chang Island

The wedding agency «Globus» offers for its clients the organization of a wedding ceremony on the island of Koh Chang, as on one of the most beautiful and popular islands of Thailand.

Koh Chang is an island located 330 kilometers south-east of the capital of Thailand - Bangkok. The second largest in the kingdom of Thailand is after Phuket. The length of the island of Chang is 30 km, and the width is 14 km, the total area is 203 Koh Chang consists of 51 large and small islands. It is the archipelago of Mu Koh Chang (Mu Koh Chang Marine National Park). Wonderful long sandy beaches, diverse marine life and coral reefs of the archipelago attract thousands of people to the island every year.The name Koh Chang in Thai means "Elephant Is-land". The name of the island is due to its shape, which resembles the head of an elephant, turned towards the kingdom of Cambodia. It's amazing that originally elephants have never been on Elephant Island.

Koh Chang is one of the most famous island resorts in Thailand not only among visitors, but also among the Thais themselves. About half of the tourists visiting the island of Koh Chang annually are subjects of His Majesty Bhumibol Adunyadet, King of Thailand. Thais come for a week-end from Bangkok and Pattaya, spend holidays, celebrate family, na-tional and religious holidays. Three New Years are celebrated on Ko Chang: European (December 31-January 1), Chinese (late January-mid-February) and Thai Songkran (mid-April).

Koh Chang Island is a great place to hold a wedding ceremony in Thai-land!

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