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Wedding on Koh Samet

The wedding agency «Globus» offers the organization of wed-ding ceremonies on one of the most popular islands of Thailand - Samet.

Samet (Koh Samet) is a small island in the province of Rayong with an area of about 5 km², located in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is located 6.5 km south of the continent, 200 km from Bangkok and 85 km from Pattaya, and is part of the national ma-rine reserve Khao Laem Ya Mu Ko Samet National Park, which includes, in addition to Samet, 4 more tropical islands: Ko Kudi (Ko Kudee), Ko Kruai, Ko Khangkhao and Ko Platin. The wet season on the islands lasts from May to July, but the rains here are not protracted as in other parts of Thailand. Samet is famous for its fine snow-white and coral sand, clean sea, quiet lagoons with clear water. Divers and lovers of beach holidays like to stay here in relative distance from civilization. Also, this island is a fa-vorite place for ecotourism, because it preserves forests and na-ture with rich flora and fauna. In the northern part of the island there is a small fishing village with a quay, as well as a fish farm, where tropical fish, sharks and turtles are grown. There is also a Buddhist monastery. There is the jungle in the south of the na-tional park, where you can meet monkeys, squirrels, more than 20 species of tropical birds and many kinds of butterflies.In the west there is a rocky coast and in the east there is magnificent sandy beaches.

The wedding agency "Globus" recommends Samet island as one of the most popular places for wedding ceremonies in Thailand.

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