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Wedding on the islands of Phi Phi

The wedding agency «Globus» offers the organization of wedding ceremonies on the well-known is-lands of Phi Phi. On these islands was shot the famous film "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio

The Phi Phi Islands are a small archipelago near the coast of Thailand, about an hour's journey from the harbor of Phuket Island. Islands are considered part of the province of Krabi and attract visitors from all over the world with their fantastic beauty. The emerald Andaman Sea, transparent to the very bot-tom, even at great depth, beaches with white sand, growing from the depths of the sea reefs with marine life leave vivid impressions of tourists.

As part of the Phi Phi archipelago there are two islands: the island of Phi Phi Don and the uninhabited island of Phi Phi Lei.

The island of Phi Phi Don is a two-part land of limestone, which is connected like a bridge. On one side of the island there is a port where yachts and boats with tourists board, and on the other there is a small fairy beach with a round lagoon, surrounded on both sides by tropical forests. The beach has everything you need for relaxation - a bar, showers, umbrellas, trees giving a shadow and cool breezes blowing from the sea. Beautiful semi-circle emerald lagoon goes to the open sea. Lush tropical plants grow around the rocks. This is one of the most romantic and lovely places on our planet. The wedding ceremony on the islands of Phi Phi is a real paradise for two. Some beautiful hotels are built around the islands. Here the newlyweds and lovers of solitude have rest in the nature.

The uninhabited island of Phi Phi Lei is a quaintly shaped limestone slab that rises from the water up-wards and has the most fantastic outlines. The island is a coast with clean and beautiful small beaches, there are also grottoes with a booming acoustics and overgrown with lush forest cliffs that rise among the lagoons. It is good to do diving here: the rocks vertically go down to great depth, the water is abso-lutely clear and allows you to see the diversity of the underwater world: plants and fish.

This small archipelago has a large number of limestone caves, which are of great interest for fans of extreme diving. You can get these caves swimming long underwater tunnels.

The wedding agency «Globus» recommends the islands of Phi Phi, as the most beautiful and romantic places for organizing a wedding ceremony in Thailand.

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