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Wedding in Hua Hin

Свадьба на ХуахинеHinHua Hin is one of the most secluded places for holding formal and symbolic wedding ceremonies in Thailand. Hua Hin ("stone head") is only 25 km from Cha-Am, on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand, 200 km south-west of Bangkok. This place is known for its white and sandy beaches, stretching for 5 km, as well as numerous golf courses. Hotels of the resort are built in the elegant English style, which perfect-ly complements the already picturesque picture. Hua Hin is also one of the oldest resorts in Thailand. In the 20s of the last century, King Rama VII built a summer palace here, and since then the resort has been a favorite holiday destination for the royal family. First of all, the resort attracts fans of a quiet, secluded holiday. Here are high-class hotels. Families with children like to relax here,because of the lack of nightlife and entertainment.

Свадьба на ХуахинеThe wedding in Huahine Huah Hin is popular with the Thais themselves, many of them come here for their wedding ceremony. A big part of this choice is that this amazing place is situated in only a few hours from Bangkok.

Hua Hin is exactly what will make your wedding ceremony magical, as it is a truly modern tourist city, retaining all the charm and attraction of village life. There are many first-class hotels with sandy clean beaches where you can hold a wedding ceremony. Also the resort offers a huge number of different banquet halls and restaurants.

Свадьба на ХуахинеСвадьба на ХуахинеСвадьба на ХуахинеСвадьба на ХуахинеСвадьба на ХуахинеСвадьба на Хуахине


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